Up Your Game With a Stylish Home Bar

Up Your Game With a Stylish Home Bar

If you love to entertain, carve out a stylish corner just for drinks. Even if you’re short on space, here are 5 basics to get the party started.

You can always forgo a dedicated home bar, but what’s the fun in that? If you love to entertain, carve out a stylish corner just for drinks. Even if you’re short on space, here are 5 basics to get the party started.

Go on Wheels

Wheel your drink supplies around on a handy bar cart that can be rolled to the middle of the action or tucked away in a pantry once the party’s over. They come outfitted in every style and include storage to hold your drinks, glasses and garnishes. You can install stemware holders underneath the top shelf, make room for a small ice bucket up top and load the rest of your supplies on the bottom shelf. Invest in one with folding sides if you need extra countertop space to chop limes or mix cocktails.


Dedicate a Cabinet

If you have one (or two) kitchen cabinets that act as placeholders filled with random knick-knacks, empty and devote it to a mini home bar. Line the inside with hooks and racks to hold martini glasses and add rows of shelves to hold your favorite drinks. If space allows, you may also want to get a sink or mini refrigerator to help with the prep. This cabinet can be opened up to be the star of the show or simply hidden away behind closed doors.


Keep it Front and Center

Oftentimes the best solution is the simplest. If you’re really tight on space, revisit an overlooked spot in your home. If you have a spare wall in the kitchen, dining or living room, install a few rows of open shelves to store supplies. You can even make it work with just one shelf if you store wine and liquor up top and hang glasses upside down below.

Alternatively, glam up and repurpose a simple serving tray to stash your supplies and leave it stationary on a sideboard or credenza. Add a fun piece of artwork or sign above to make it stand out to house guests.


Build it Into a Nook

If you’re in the opposite situation and have some room to spare, build out a home bar. If you have an awkward nook or extra space in a hallway, consult a professional for a custom job. This area creates a special place to store and serve drinks closer to living and lounge spaces, and it doesn’t interfere with any other household tasks or duties. Add a luxury or two to this space, such as a wine fridge to keep drinks cool, a sink for washing glasses and storage space to hold mixers, garnishes and glasses.


Choose Your Accessories Wisely

Regardless of which setup you have, style it with the right accessories to set the mood for the party. If your space is limited to a mobile serving cart or tray, pick statement drinking glasses and decor with glamorous gold accents. For more defined spaces, match your fixtures, lighting, wallpaper and seating. If it’s near the living or dining area, you’re all set on seating; otherwise pick out stylish bar stools to match your aesthetic.

for more great ideas, check out my Home Bar Ideas Pin Board on Pinterest Here!

Source: Sharon Lee/ CB Blue Matter

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Daily Clutter-Clearing habits

Do you look around your living space at the end of the busy work week and think “what happened?” Piles of mail, dirty laundry and dishes are lurking around every corner. Between work and family, it can be hard to carve out the time to clear clutter. Below are 3 tips to manage clutter daily.

Make a clutter clearing playlist. At the end of the day, choose one or two songs, put them on, and do a surface clean. Put the laundry away, empty the dishwasher, clear the kitchen table. By the time your chosen tracks are up—roughly 6 to 8 minutes—your place will look a lot better, and so will your mental state.

Set yourself up for success. By having designated areas for the items that end up laying around, you will be more likely to put things away properly. Have a basket for mail that needs opening, a bin for shoes by the front door, and a station for things like keys, headphones and change that gets dumped for your pockets when you walk in.

Enlist help. Do you have a roommate, spouse, or kids? Get them to pitch in every night after dinner and clear the day’s clutter before relaxing in front of the TV or with a book.


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Why wait till January 1 to start your resolution?

Due to the season change and a bit of a seasonal lull in business, I had the time to sit down and work on my business plan for 2017. It felt great to just get this started- as last year, with a brand new baby, I didn’t have the chance to even bake cookies for Christmas- so I am doing great, right? While my business plan for 2017 isn’t complete yet, starting it has already given me a TON of inspiration for the new year and it has also gotten me started on achieving my goals- because why wait till the calendar says 1/1/17 to get started? If I want it, do it. I’ve kind of always felt this way about resolutions- why wait for the new year? Why not NOW? At any rate, I began to chip away at my goals early, and from time to time I will be blogging about that.


I built my business plan this year using the SWOT analysis- SWOT being “strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, threats” and then used that information to identify setting my goals, making a marketing plan, forming a team (with vendors, etc.,) and Implementation and Follow up. Being relatively new to real estate- sometimes it is not the clearest thing in the world to have clearly set goals, unless you have a stellar mentor, like I did. Luckily, I had a mentor that was not only strong in the business, but she is also old school in that she believes in showing up, hard work and always doing your best for your client. Those were things that spoke to me. Having grown up on a farm, it was work ethic that I related to. Ok, a little too much back story- Sorry, I can occasionally get wordy.

So- when it comes to buying and selling- Why wait? Why wait to speak to a professional? Why wait until the season changes? This winter in Solano County, we are still experiencing some substantial sales- and it is currently a pretty fair market for buyers and sellers out there. If market rates stay in the mid 4’s, we are expecting moderate growth in prices this Spring. Last year, Spring was a bit crazy. There were starter homes getting 30 offers and going for 30k over asking. While I don’t think that it will be quite that crazy, it still has the potential to do so.


I recently ran a poll with other agents and found that in order to completely prepare a home to go on the market (repairs, paint, deep cleaning, yard work, cleaning gutters, conducting pest inspection, staging, and adding smart technology) usually takes a seller a full month. After a home hits the market, the average home currently spends 51 days on the market (according to current MLS statistics) before selling. So, based on that timeframe, we are already looking at closing mid-March if we were to get started now.

So, why speak to an agent sooner rather than later? Don’t agents want to hear from you when you are ready to list your home? Of course we want to hear from you when you want to list! But, we know how to sell homes and what projects are most important  in order to sell a home… Save yourself some money, and let us help you determine what is important in order to get the most equity out of your home. Remember, we see homes and work with buyers daily- we know what they are looking for.  We want to be involved in the conversation – whether it be a week, a month or a year before you are ready, we want to help you spend less money and make more money when you sell. It is our job to help you through the process- not just a transaction. 



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