With a strong track record of sales throughout Northern California, in addition to helping clients move out of state and out of country,  I have successfully represented Buyers and Sellers of all types. So whether you have your heart set on a condo, single family home, vineyard, commercial or investment property, I will find the perfect property and take care of all the details of the transaction.

I sell the-2


your success is my success.


It takes more than just the facts to make the most of each and every transaction. It takes knowledge, dedication, and laser-focused attention to detail. You might call it good judgment. We call it sound experience. I guess it comes with the territory of having spent twenty years in the industry.

local love

Call me partial, but I love it here. We are in one of the best locations to have easy access to major metropolitan areas, the ocean and the beautiful Lake Tahoe. I also really enjoy exploring what we have to offer right here that most folks don't realize is in their own back yards.


I have found that I geek-out over the details, and my extensive knowledge of the area and of the transaction process lends to smoother, more seamless transactions. I also embrace technology and all that it can offer us in today's market, but still believe in the value of good old fashioned business.

personal service

I work for you. Period. I uphold the highest standards of integrity and am incredibly responsive. A sale or purchase of a home is a huge undertaking, but it has to be right for you, not me. I will take care of ALL the details but make sure you are in charge of making ALL the decisions.


Not only has my company been serving our area for decades, but am a lifelong resident of Solano County. My family has been here for 6 generations, so my roots run deep and I have a unwavering appreciation for this land and have a vested interest in our community.


It's all about achieving a common goal- YOUR goal. With extensive resources, collaborative teamwork, and wide-reaching international affiliations, you’ll have a wealth of resources at your fingertips. Or keyboard, rather.



First things first...

  • Organize your thoughts (Write down a wish list!)
  • Shop around for a LENDER. I recommend you meet them in person (this will help you determine HOW MUCH you can and should shop for... but, for a sneak peak... check out this loan calculator here.)
  • Decide what cities or areas you like within a city
  • Schedule a meeting with your agent (they should be your BEST resource!)
  • Begin your house hunt! You can even start looking at homes today HERE,  by using the area below to search by community or by area, or contact me and I will send you up to the minute information about new listings.

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Personal Service

I provide more than just texts and emails. Individualized attention is what I aim for. Let’s take this relationship to the next level and meet up for some real face time, shall we?

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